SunRaziant Infrared Heating Solutions Inc.


SunRaziant Infrared Heating Solutions Inc.




Far-Infrared Heating Panels, what are they?

These standard panels are Far-infrared heating technologies, allowing for a comfortable and regulated room temperature, through releasing far-infrared heat energy into any of your spaces.  

How do they work?

The Far-infrared heat becomes absorbed by the objects and surfaces within your space, and the stored heat energy is released back overtime, making Prestyl’s Far-infrared heating technology both effective and energy efficient.  

Features and benefits you say?

In today's world, we need to be doing as much as we can for the environment, and do our best to live a clean, safe, and healthy lifestyle. We believe our panels, in addition to sporting a gorgeous & slim fit for any space, offer a huge list of benefits which promote this healthy lifestyle. Here are just a few: 

  • Carbon-free + Zero Emissions! (That's right! No pesky Carbon tax on your electric bill!)
  • They are Eco Friendly, with low energy consumption
  • Easy installation and silent operation, as well as the panels are maintenance free
  • No hazardous materials, with fire resistant construction
  • Stops and prevents mold & is a Hypoallergenic design
  • No hazardous materials & panels are tamper proof once installed correctly
  • Approved for wall/ceiling mounting, panels operate only in far-infrared spectrum


Save your money!

Sick and tired of getting that annoying heating bill every month? Sick of hearing stuff like, "that's out of warranty, here's your bill!"? Of course you are, just like everyone else!

These panels all come with an extensive limited warranty. Most panels - the warranties are 25 years to LIFETIME! You will never find that with any other heating source. NEVER.