SunRaziant Infrared Heating Solutions Inc.




 Prestyl’s PRUD series Under Desk Panels are designed to be very efficient and effective alternatives to common space heaters, which are often used by office workers to augment heating systems or overcome air-conditioning problems. These - well, they are just so much better!

How this is perfect for you if you work in an office?

The panels are easily mounted under the desktop on inside surfaces of counters, or anywhere heat is needed. The Under Desk Panels feature a simple and effective 4-screw (or pop rivet) mounting method that keeps the AC cord tucked away.   A new option to get your panel with a portable mount (for us guys who need to switch desks some days) is on its way to make this panel even more convenient! Don't worry - if you boss is worried about power consumption, you can let him/her know that this will cost a literal fraction of a traditional space heater.  For us Canadians, another perk is NO CARBON TAX!                           


 Alternative uses for the Under Desk Panels are assembly lines, entrance and lobby areas, un-zoned offices, restrooms, retail sales desks, ticket counters, motor homes, campers, parking and valet areas, closet heating, moisture control, frost prevention, etc.