SunRaziant Infrared Heating Solutions Inc.


Traditional forced air heating systems circulate hot air, that eventually rises to the ceiling resulting in an uneven heat distribution throughout the space. This creates a loss of heat, as well as higher energy wastes, in order to maintain desired room temperatures. 

Far-infrared technology evenly distributes radiant heat throughout your space - from the floor to the ceiling, maintaining warmth and comfort evenly. These heating panels do not heat the air, which results in a difference between floor to ceiling temperatures being less than 2 degrees different. This means - No more excessive hot air stacked at the ceiling, no more unnecessary heat or energy losses, and most importantly to YOU - No more wasted heating costs. Since the energy is stored in the space, no extra energy is wasted in an attempt to maintain your desired room temperature.

Below we show the difference in heat distribution - Forced-air heating systems (Image A) Far-infrared heating system (Image B)